Change of plans

Hey folks, here’s a brief update since a lot of you care so much about ya boy. When I last gave an update about my cancerous state I told you about that nasty tumor they found. Well that’s still there and will do its best to kill me, but now we’re going to try something different to at least slow it down.

Last time I told you I was going to have whole brain radiation (again) to see if we can slow this killer tumor down by months. Doing whole brain radiation would be really tough on me since I’ve already done it once and the effects are cumulative. Now we’re going to try something new (to me).


We are going this route for a couple reasons:

  • These chemo drugs have shown to have good blood/brain barrier penetration. (this is good since the past drugs I’ve been taking aren’t doing the best job in my brain)
  • This will give my cells a pause and reset, which may open me up for different therapies.
  • It still leaves radiation as an option if it doesn’t work.

So my first round of Chemo is on Monday 5th November at Brampton Civic. Then repeat every 3 weeks after.

On the bright side:

  • My face doesn’t have to be strapped down for radiation. I hate that feeling!
  • I don’t have to get someone to drive me all the way down to Sunnybrook.
  • All my treatments will be close by at Brampton Civic.
  • I get to postpone the side effects of radiation.
  • I get to see my girls dress up for Halloween!

On the dim side:

  • Chemo is sort of scary.
    • I have to really avoid getting sick or any infections.
    • I have no idea what to expect in terms of side effects.
  • I may still have to do radiation if this doesn’t work.

So everyone asks is this a good thing? Well we will find out in time I guess!

That’s it. That’s the update.

For now I’m trying to take time to process all these changes. It’s incredibly frustrating to have things change after having a plan and accepting that plan.

I may not be available much, but appreciate all the offers to hang and I really appreciate all the love and support!

– Ya boy,


4 comments on “Change of plans”

  1. Tahira Ayanna Ahmad says:

    Right here, cheering you on Wayne

  2. Aixa Hart says:

    Praying for you and your family.

  3. Laurence Esterhuizen says:

    Thanks for the update Wayne. As always, if there is some little way I can help, say the word.

    1. waynehart says:

      Thanks Laurence that’s awfully kind of you!

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